There are so many competing car insurers out there, with many mainstream companies like Outsurance, Budget Insurance, First for Women and various others competing to get a piece of the market. Whilst purchasing an insurance plan for your vehicle is a grudge buy, it is most certainly a necessity.

When looking for an insurance provider, most people look for the best cover for the best price because we are wired to look for the best value for money but, when it comes to insurance, it may not be that simple. Something that many drivers don’t consider is the actual efficiency of the company in the event that you have a motor vehicle accident or you’re a victim of theft. They also don’t consider their insurers reputation for paying out when you need them to.

SAMBRA (The South African Motor Body Repair Association) held their award ceremony on October 28, 2016 where they voted in the insurer of the year, as well as giving out a variety of awards to insurers. In the awards ceremony, Mutual and Federal was voted #1 best insurer in South Africa as well as being voted the most efficient insurer while Outsurance received an award for the Best Payer.  Other insurance companies that received a reward include:

#2 Best Insurer – Santam
#3 Best Insurer – Zurich
Green Practices – Santam
Service Excellence – Telesure

Other motor body repair awards categories were the OEM category, paint supplier category and equipment supplier category.

While many drivers may not look at the other elements that make up a good insurance company, we suggest always taking them into account – what is their payment like? What is their efficiency? Do they cover everything you need? and last but not least, after taking all this into account we can ask, “Is this value for money”.