You may be buying an affordable vehicle, but is that vehicle a safe choice to take you and your family 100s of km’s per month? Are you putting your life and your passenger’s lives at risk? If you’re driving one of these cars, the truth is, you are and, it’s not something the car salesman will tell you when you’re standing with him on the sales floor.

According to the London-based Global NCAP (New Car Assessment Programme) and South Africa’s Automobile Association (AA), who recently joined arms to perform the first-ever independent crash test assessment of some of the most popular and most purchased vehicles in the country, some of the top brands are extremely unsafe.

Surprisingly, when motorists were asked if crash test results and the resulting vehicle safety rating would affect their next vehicle purchase, 48% said that price is more important than safety. The Chery QQ3, that was rated one of the most affordable vehicles to buy in SA, that is a highly purchased vehicle, achieved a sum total of a ZERO rating on the safety test. It was described as being “sub-standard and unsafe”. The Datsun Go, was given a 1/5 for adult safety and a 2/5 for child passenger protection, show very low safety in the event of an accident.

In contrast, vehicles such as the Toyota Etios, Renault Sandero and Volkswagen Polo Vivo were ratings of 3 and 4 out of 5 for both child and adult safety.

Watch the video below to see the actual footage of these vehicles on impact: