Between haggling for cash or financing for your new vehicle and choosing the most economic yet aesthetically pleasing vehicle, purchasing a car can be quite a daunting process for anyone.

While this may be the case, purchasing the right vehicle at the right price doesn’t need to be a struggle, if you cut past the mystery and realise that when buying a car, the price is always negotiable. Negotiation is all about being well-informed. You may feel you don’t have the necessary car knowledge for this but, the internet is a great resource for some negotiation tips.

Before heading to your local dealers, go to car sites such as or where you can view different car specs based on make and model as well as see their manufacturer’s suggested retail price for new cars, the average sale price for similar used cars or the trade price. With these bits of information you have some room for negotiation as it gives you an idea of what the dealership may have bought the car in for as well as what it’s worth in the market.

In addition to negotiating skill, there are also certain times of the week that car dealerships will be more likely to knock off some of the price to get the sale. With weekends being rather busy, you are less likely to get dealerships to knock off anything but go in the week in the evening and if you negotiate well, you are most likely going to walk out there with what you will see as a great deal.

Some tips for negotiating price on a vehicle are:

  1. Don’t rush in to a purchase – there are other alternative such as public transport while you decide. if you go to a dealership and they ask if you’re there to buy a car, tell them “if the price is right”.
  2. Don’t negotiate in front of the car – the salesman will use your emotions to try and make you impulsive about the buy by getting you to love the car. So don’t let it happen.
  3. Don’t take the family – the distractions of kids or family may make negotiating a lot more difficult, with you not feeling you got the best price.
  4. Don’t discuss how you’re paying for the vehicle until the price is set – if you are asked whether you are cash or finance, tell the dealer it depends on the price and then seal the deal first before getting into payment symantics.