Unless a dampening structure is present, a car spring will extend and release the energy it absorbs from a bump at an uncontrolled rate. The spring­ will continue to bounce at its natural frequency until all of the energy originally put into it is used up. A suspension built on springs alone would make for an extremely bouncy ride and, depending on the terrain, an uncontrollable car.

Enter the shock absorber, or snubber, a device that controls unwanted spring motion through a process known as dampening.  Like with the many other parts of your motorvehicle, there are numerous warning signs as to when it is time for you to replace your shocks and get this dampening process working the way it should be to make your ride smooth.

The signs that show that it is time to replace your shocks are:

  • Vehicle bouncing well after going over a speed bump or dip in the road
  • Bottoms out over railroad tracks, bumps or dips in the road
  • Unusual noises over bumps
  • Excessive body lean in turns
  • Front of car dives sharply in hard braking

If you have noticed any of these signs, one of the best way to test your shocks is by pushing down on the corners of the vehicle. If the vehicle still bounces after you have let go, then your shocks need replacing. Once you have established that your shocks need replacing, your vehicle needs to be taken into a qualified mechanic where replacing shocks can cost you well over R1000 per shock absorber, depending on the make and model of your vehicle.

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