Many of us have been there, you get to your car in the morning after running after the kids to get them ready for school and you turn the key in the ignition and VR- VR -NOTHING! And worst of all, it’s a Monday morning…eish!

Like many, you may not know all too much about cars, or maybe you do? You may not know how to fix one but you can definitely know the basics either way, we want to teach you how you can troubleshoot why your car won’t start in these situations where most people tend to sit and feel terribly helpless.

Now, there are many guides out there that tell you how to troubleshoot your vehicle and we aren’t going to reinvent the wheel with any fancy new techniques, so instead, we are going to provide you with three levels of troubleshooting:

Level 3 – Expert:
Have a basic understanding of the vehicle parts? Here is an amazing guide on Jalopnik by a former Chrysler engineer on how to check what’s keeping your vehicle standing:

Level 2 – Intermediate
If you’re no pro but you know the basics, here is a great guide by Auto Guide on how to trouble shoot without too much engine work:

Level 1 – Beginner
When you don’t know something and you’re a complete newbie, going to the good ol’ dummy guides is useful so, here we are, the Dummies Guide to troubleshooting your car that won’t start:

Whether you can figure out what’s wrong or not, the truth is you’re going to need a professional to take a look at it most of the time anyway and that’s where BGA comes in. We offer quick, friendly service and help educate you on the causes and preventions for future issues in your vehicle.