A recent article on Business Tech exposes research done by Lightstone Consumer, revealing the current labour rates at various franchised car dealerships across multiple brands of vehicles.

The study which took place in what we can only assume is the first part of this year accounts for the Warranty Labour Rate, Maintenance/ Service Plan labour rate and the Retail labour rate. The study found that there are large differences between the various car dealerships on the charge that they pass on to consumers, reaching up to R1000.00 per hour and as low as R300.00 per hour.


retail labour rates

retail labour chart – courtesy Business Tech

The study showed that franchised car dealership, Land Rover had the highest labour rate at R814.00 per hour on average, followed closely by Mini, Jaguar and BMW, ranging between R790.00 and R812.00 per hour. On the opposite end of the scale, were brands such as GWM, Chery, Tata and Foton, ranging between R445.00 and R465.00 as an average. The cost between the higher end vehicles and the mid-level to low-end vehicles is not what you should worry about, its the cost that you could potentially be paying more than what you should be at certain dealerships.

In the middle, you have the cars that we see most often on the roads, such as, Nissan, FIAT, Datsun, Renault and Toyota, ranging between R529.00 and R578.00 on average. The vast difference between dealerships servicing the same vehicle make and model is a scary one to look at for consumers and begs to ask the question, is it better for your pocket to service at a dealership or at your local workshop?

There are many opinions on this topic but BGA aims to offer its customers an affordable price and a high-quality service that is on-par, if not above what most franchised dealerships can offer because it’s owners take personal care and pride in the work that gets done.